The TAG Heuer Carrera – a modern interpretation of the dress chronograph

TAG Heuer Carrera with Heuer 02 in-house movement, white dial and golden details represents sporty elegance at its best.

TAG Heuer, known for its sporty watch models, has recreated its skin over the past few years, and the results of the work are slowly starting to show. The Carrera watch collection in particular has been in the grip of a major change, and numerous colorful watch models have been overshadowed by the watch model (CBN2013.FC6483) to be presented next, which in my opinion belongs to the best A group of dress chronographs.

TAG Heuer Carrera

Inspired by motor racing

The history of the Carrera emphasizes TAG Heuer’s DNA heritage, which is strongly based on motor sports, as the watch model was created by Jack Heuer, the third generation representative of the Heuer watch brand, in 1963 as a tribute to the Carrera Panamerica car race organized in 1950-54.

The race in question was considered one of the most dangerous in the world by motor racing drivers, and against this background, Heuer developed the Carrera watch model to reflect the image of car racers who love speed racing. So it can be said that Heuer was already at that time, years before the creation of the Monaco watch model, ahead of its time when it comes to branding.

Later, the Carrera watch collection has been associated with the giant of motorsport, Porsche, with whom Heuer and later TAG Heuer has cooperated in various contexts, however officially unofficially, until a couple of years ago the giants of their respective fields found each other and formalized their cooperation with a long-term agreement. After this, numerous Porsche watch models have been brought to the market specifically for the Carrera collection.

TAG Heuer Carrera dress chronograph

However, the Carrera that is the subject of this article is not related to Porsche in any way, but reflects the history and present of the collection in a great way. The model bows to the past with its classic look, leaning on the watch design of the past, when the drivers dressed stylishly even when jumping into the racing car. Today is represented by the modern Heuer 02 in-house movement running inside the watch, which offers 80 hours power reserve.

The TAG Heuer Chronograph on the wrist.

The size of 42 millimeters, which is quite optimal for a chronograph, is also modern, which in the case of this Carrera means an extremely comfortable fit with the comfortable alligator strap. The same contemporary line continues in the form of a sapphire back cover that reveals the movement, as well as 100-meter water resistance, which is quite sufficient for everyday use today. But all of this became relevant only when I got my hands on the watch for the first time.

In a certain way, this model is a prisoner of its tradition. The pictures presenting the watch do not do it justice and among its colorful cousins it easily remains a wall rose. That’s why you have to see this watch for yourself and try it on your own wrist. When you do this and see with your own eyes how the golden details of the watch stand out when viewed from different angles, you understand what kind of gem it is.

Bang for the buck

At this point, a natural question comes to mind: how much does this watch cost? When you glance at the price tag with cautious curiosity, the spontaneous first reaction is in a certain way incredulous. 5650 euros seems very reasonable in the world of quality watches that are always getting more expensive, especially when it is reflected in the rich history of the brand and the collection, as well as the high-performance in-house movement. Emotion and reason strongly shake hands with each other.

TAG Heuer Carrera CBN2013.FC6483

I have to say that this watch positively surprised me. For a man who strongly loves Monaco, Carrera seemed like a desirable option for the first time. This watch would have everything needed for my own styles, from everyday to party.

“Finding” Carrera was once again a good indication of why you should do business in brick-and-mortar stores. Many thanks to LINDROOS KÄMP GALLERIA for the enlightenment. 🙂


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