Thursday, December 1, 2022

    Seiko Orange Monster, a watch for the summer man

    Summer is the best day in Finland, as the old proverb says. Should it be raining or, if you’re lucky, the weather is hot and you decide to head to the beach to enjoy some summer sun and splashing waves, a sturdy wristwatch is in order. A good choice for such carefree days of summer (OK, so there might be more than one…we hope) is a Seiko Orange Monster.

    Seiko Orange Monster is a beast in the water.
    Seiko Orange Monster is a beast in the water.

    Seiko Monster

    The Monster is a true Seiko classic. A diver’s watch that is sturdy and imposing by appearance, yet rather moderate in size by today’s standards. It’s guaranteed to gather attention to its bold design and appearance. The Orange Monster is perhaps the most widely recognized version in its blazing orange colour. If that particular color isn’t for you, there are a wide range of colorways, with an addition of some truly stunning special editions. A selection of bracelets and straps, giving a possibility to easily personalize the watch, is also available.

    Seiko Monster steel bracelet is of high quality.
    High quality is apparent with Seiko Monster steel bracelet

    When purchasing a watch it is often advisable to choose a steel bracelet model, as it is most cost-effective. The aftermarket price of a steel bracelet is higher than the price difference between the steel bracelet and rubber or leather strap watch models.

    A precise and durable movement

    The movements of Monster watches are made by Seiko, making it a true in-house watch. Updated to second generation models (SRP309), the heart of the watch is a fine 4R36 calibre, which features a day and date views and, as an update to earlier models, a hacking feature. The benefit of hacking is that the watch may be stopped to a chosen second, making it easier to set the precise time.

    Clear dialer is a diver watch a virtue.
    A clean, readable dial is a necessary feature for diver’s watches

    A noteworthy feature of the Seiko Monsters is the easily readable dial, boosted with a stellar lume, making it easy to tell the time even in darkness.

    The power reserve is often a much discussed feature when talking about automatic watch movements, meaning the time that the watch shall keep running without winding or wearing it. Seiko Monster has a power reserve of 40 hours – enough to keep the watch running for a day and two nights, should you wish to wear an another watch in day between.

    Monster is the Finnish summer weather at home.
    Seiko Monster – a watch to survive the Finnish summer

    The stainless steel case, thick mineral glass, antishock-protected movement, 200 meter (20 ATM) water resistance and the screw down crown are some of the features that make the watch a great choice for active lifestyle. However, going to sauna should be avoided, as the movement shouldn’t be subjected to extreme heat.

    A stylish leisure watch

    Having a notable, bulky style, the Monster is clearly a sports watch. It goes perfectly with a casual outfit and is at home in lively bars, leisurely activities and in summer holiday. The appearance of the watch is easily adaptable by switching the metal braceles to a fabric NATO strap or to a diver’s classic – rubber strap.

    Seiko Orange Monster (SRP309) received a lighter look to NATO strap.
    Seiko Orange Monster (SRP309) with a color coded Nato strap

    The great thing with Monster is in the easiness, allowing you to go chopping wood, boating, swimming or diving, sun bathing or even playing beach volleyball and not worrying about your watch. In short, the Seiko Orange Monster is an ultimate summer watch.


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