Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic 10592 brings green style on the wrist

Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic 10592

The green Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic 10592 is a wristwatch for a wide range of styles with an awesome five-day power reserve.

Baume & Mercier, part of the Richemont Group, is one of the oldest watch brands in the world, which represents entry level luxury. The manufacturer’s crown jewel can be considered to be the Baumatic movement, which operates with antimagnetic and chronometric accuracy and offers five days power reserve.

The in-house movement developed for Baume & Mercier exclusively at the Richemont-owned movement factory is an excellent demonstration of how the limited product development resources are being used wisely, even for the consumer. This has freed up the resources of the watch manufacturer to design watches that make the most of the benefits of the movement. At the same time, the price level of watches can be considered competitive.

A good example of this is Baume & Mercier’s new boom in the Clifton range, whose models based on the Baumatic movement are the best value for money on the market. In addition to the Riviera collection, the Clifton Baumatic collection has been Baume & Mercier’s spearhead.

Green-dialed Clifton Baumatic 10592

Every year, Baume & Mercier introduces a new world of colors to its top collections, of which the green-dialed Clifton Baumatic 10592 aptly hits the green trend on the crest.

The Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic fits nicely on your wrist.
The Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic fits nicely on your wrist.

The green Clifton Baumatic is a stylish ensemble that I personally consider to be one of the best in its genre. The reasoning for my opinion is partly familiar; the size of the watch is 40 millimeters and only 10.3 millimeters thick, making it a snug fit on the wrist. The darkening world of green tones towards the edges of the dial works well, being quite restrained.

The whole is complemented by a high-quality strap made of alligator leather, with a butterfly buckle that fits comfortably on even a smaller wrist. The strap is also easy to change thanks to the quick release.

The alligator leather s trap feels comfortable on the wrist.
The alligator leather s trap feels comfortable on the wrist.

As I mentioned earlier, the watch has 120 hours (five days) of power reserve, which is one of the best on the market. The COSC chronometer-classified movement is also completely antimagnetic, which introduces worry-free operation. The tactile feel of the movement via the crown is silky soft and sensitive, and there is no play when moving the pointers or pressing the crown down.

Style on the wrist at an affordable price

Clifton Baumatic 10592 is suitable for a wide range of clothing. The hair cross on the dial – which indicates the chronometer classification – gives a suitable edge to the watch, so that it does not feel like a dress. This relaxation is naturally enhanced by the green dial, so it doesn’t look foreign even in more casual styles. As with the gray sweater in the picture.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic 10592

The clear strength of the Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic collection is its price level, which is about three thousand euros. With this money, Clifton Baumatic offers plenty of performance, style and carefree.

Read more at Baume & Mercier website.


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