BREAKING NEWS: New Collector’s Timepiece by Stepan Sarpaneva and Finnish Watch Enthusiasts

Finland’s watch scene is about to hit a new milestone, as a joint design venture by watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva and the Kelloharrastajat (Finnish Watch Enthusiasts) community, the KH x S.U.F Helsinki branded Myrsky (Storm in Finnish) timepiece is launched as a limited run of 50 pieces.

Myrsky has a Strong Story

Stepan Sarpaneva’s Myrsky has a rich history, being named after the Finnish fighter plane prototype from the WWII era. Furthermore, Sarpaneva’s historical family name was Storm, originally from the Swedish, with the same meaning as in English, so it’s personal, too.

The genetics of the collector’s edition hark back to a community message board thread in which combining the Sunburst watchface from Sarpaneva’s Vetehinen diving watch, the blue representing both Finland and the Finnish Watch Enthusiasts community, and the distinctive character of Myrsky’s DNA roused much interested.

The KH x S.U.F Helsinki Myrsky is available both with date and without date.

Myrsky is available both with and without date. The Finnish Watch Enthusiasts community, or their KH logo or emblem will not be present on the watch face nor the front of the watch, but a reference to the community will be found on the back. The back of the watch will incorporate Finnishness, the art history of Finland’s 100 years of independence as well as a quintessential tradition of specialist timepieces, the addition of which has been possible thanks to a well known, international body. The surprise will be revealed in whole at the unveiling and delivery ceremony at Helsinki’s Kaapelitehdas venue.

The watch will also feature a decorated crown and be delivered with two straps.

Limited Edition

There will only be a production run of 50 KH x S.U.F. Myrsky timepieces, one of which will be put up for charity auction. The hype around this special watch indicated that it will sell out fast.

The KH x S.U.F Helsinki watch is priced at 2,850€ and advance sale begins on August 23rd, at 9 AM (6AM GMT) on the Finnish Watch Enthusiasts -website.


Translated from the original Finnish by Jan Hoffman.

Matti Airaksinen
Stylefellow's co-founder and publisher Matti is also a founder and editor-in-chief of Tyyliniekka which is the most popular menstyle and watch online magazine in Finland. Matti is also a serial entrepreneur and internationally awarded member and senator in Junior Chamber International.


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