The Raymond Weil’s “Experience the Art of Watchmaking” course will be held in April at Finnish School of Watchmaking


A world-unique Experience the Art of Watchmaking course, where participants learn the function and structure of wristwatches by assembling their own Raymond Weil watch, led by Watch Service Finland watchmakers Antti Kuitto and Jouni Pöllänen, will be held for the third time on April 25th at Finnish School of Watchmaking facilities, located in Espoo.

The idea behind the “Experience of the Art of Watchmaking” course is to design the unique Raymond Weil wristwatch within the given options (dial, hands and bracelet) you have chosen from a variety of options to fit in the watch model.

It’s an experience with the capital letter E, which is definitely worth the experience, as “Experience the Art of Watchmaking” is probably the only watch course where you get the full factory warranty for your “amateur” work. Plus, you get a so called keeper watch on your wrist that you are proud of.

The price of the course is EUR 1,350 – 2,300, depending on the chosen watch model and bracelet. The course is organized by Raymond Weil’s official service partner Watch Service Finland.


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