Hailing from the most popular menswear website in Finland, Tyyliniekka, Stylefellow extends our site to international readers. Tyyliniekka was originally born to provide our Finnish readers with news, reports and advice in issues related to men’s sartorial endeavours and gentlemanly life.

We have told our readers about shops, brands, products and given them instructions from putting towards a proper dark lounge suit to cleaning the shoes made of suede. We aim to keep this approach true in our international site, as well. Should our reader be a young gun, putting together his first serious outfit or a seasoned dandy, we trust he shall find interesting articles from Stylefellow.

Although Finnish style is more renowned in the fields of architecture and design, spearheaded by Saarinen, Suuronen, Aalto and others, there is a clear and more recent renaissance in sartorial sense. Us Finns are not only followers anymore, but add our own flair to menswear.

While our apparel is often dictated by the sometimes harsh Nordic weather, the ways of championing it while remaining stylish are numerous and occasionally inventive, combining our proven traditions to the modern, international styles and trends. This is visible both in our streets and in sartorial gatherings around the world, whenever there is a Finnish attendance.

Rising from this background, Stylefellow watches the menswear world from the Finnish viewpoint, without forgetting the wide and interesting variety of global styles.

The Stylefellow staff comes from various walks of life. What brings us together is our genuine interest towards menswear and manly lifestyle. We visit the creators and makers, make notions about current trends in everyday life and, also, personally try and report different products, styles and other things of bon vivantism.

We have a wide field of interests, from classical, stern styles to very relaxed street fashions, from subtle colour palette to full-out peacocking, so we believe that there shall always be something for everyone’s tastes to read.

Enjoy your time with Stylefellow!

Jussi Häkkinen
[email protected]

Matti Airaksinen
Publisher, commercial & media contact
[email protected]


Stylefellow is a commercial website and some of our articles are sponsored. However, we shall strive to give our honest opinion about the products and services reviewed, be there a compensation or not. We shall inform our readers whenever the product or an other type of compensation has been given to the author as a reward for an article.


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