Erik Mannby, known for his clothing brand, E-F-V Gentlemenswear, as well as for his extensive Pitti Uomo coverages for Styleforum, has joined his forces with Olof Nithenius of Manolo and Plaza Uomo Magazine, to found a website called Välklädda Svenska Herrar (Well dressed Swedish Gentlemen). Mannby and Nithenius shall interview gentlemen known for their style and outlook for menswear.


“The idea is to search out the best dressed men in Sweden (from a classic perspective) and let them talk about their thoughts on style. All the interviews are done live, to get a more vivid representation of the interviewees” tells Mannby. “I talked to Olof and found out we had both played around with similar ideas. Our hope is to then collect these interviews (or a selection of them) in a book that we will publish ourselves” he adds.

Naturally, there shall be pictures, as well. For an avid photographer like Mannby, that is only natural, “since clothing, after all, is a very visual experience”.

Patrik Löf, from the Skoaktiebolaget fame, is the first gentleman to be portrayed. After such a beginning, Stylefellow is definitely following Välkläddä Svenska Herrar for its weekly updates!

The website is in Swedish, so either use the Google Translate -option or pep up your Swedish in Duolingo!


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