Spring is here and spring rains are inevitable. It’s a complex love affair, one that often requires the modest man to partake of a chaperon, an umbrella. But it’s not just any old umbrella that’ll do, to separate a man from the falling wet stuff, as conditions can range from deluges to strong gales.

London Undercover

Luckily, rain is also one of the first things that spring to mind (pun intended), when one thinks of the ongoing wet-weather laboratory that is the British Isles. It is a pretty safe bet, therefore, that a proper British umbrella will serve you well, no matter where your shenanigans shall take you.

London Undercover – Makers of Quality Umbrellas

The Finnish run Mukama online store recently added London Undercover umbrellas to their inventory and we were lucky enough to get one to be tested. They carry two models, the Classic and the Whangee, the latter being a bamboo handled, collapsible compact model. The olive green model was particularly appealing to us.

The orange interior of the London Undercover umbrella brightens any day.
The orange interior of the London Undercover umbrella brightens any day.

This time, however, we ended up going with the Classic model, as I’ve been looking for a full sized, classic umbrella that came in a colour other than black for quite some time. The combination of navy pinstripe with orange interior was just too nice to pass on, as it really is a umbrella to brighten up dreary days.

London Undercover is rain's charming companion.
London Undercover is a charming companion when it rains.

After experiencing multiple rainy days with the Classic, I can safely say that it indeed has a sturdy construction that fulfills its task admirably. The umbrella is big enough to keep you dry even with heavy downpours pelting you, and, if needed, should work sufficiently well for couples as well.

London Undercover makes a classically stylish umbrella.
London Undercover makes a classically stylish umbrella.

The Umbrella has a classic design with the overall look as well as attention to detail speaking of a quiet dignity. The Maple wood handle brings a touch of elegance without forgetting functionality. This umbrella offers a good grip.

Maplewood for the shaft and handle is a stylish touch.
Maple wood for the shaft and handle is a stylish touch.


The robust construction of the umbrella is particularly noticeable in stronger winds. The umbrella doesn’t creak or deform, but keeps its shape and stays open. I am yet to experience a wind strong enough to pull this umbrella “over” – so we’ll have to come back to this, if it ever happens, though I’m inclined to believe that such factors have been accounted for in the design.


An Umbrella You Can’t Afford to Lose

Because the London Undercover umbrella costs around 90 euros, it immediately removed one problem that had been plaguing me for years. An umbrella is pricey enough for you keep an eye on it, and I haven’t, at least yet, forgotten it anywhere. However, the quality and build are up to par with the price, so I really cannot complain about anything.

A London Undercover umbrella is an excellent acquisition.



Translated from the original Finnish by Jan Hoffman.


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