Few things in life are more annoying than frozen toes in the winter. It all goes down to footwear, though. If you have chosen a proper pair of boots, winter can be enjoyed by the fullest. Although I generally tend to prefer the seasons with warmer temperatures, I’ve learned to put together a nice, warm winter outfit. I’m a Finn, after all. Boots, definitely, play a vital role when it comes to my cold weather gear.

A bit over year ago, I purchased a pair of country grain boots from Meermin Mallorca for the winter use. I must say that I haven’t regretted my purchase a bit. Rather high height, closed construction and sturdy rubber soles are all great attributes when fending away cold weather and wet conditions of the winter season. The style might not be to everyone’s liking, so I decided to put together some requirements that you should remember when considering about winter footwear:

  1. Thick, sturdy leather. Full grain leather would be best for the purpose
  2. Protective construction. Goodyear welt and storm welt constructions are more weatherproof than the stitch through (Blake) construction
  3. Rubber sole. Commando, Ridgeway or Dainite soles are the go-to choices for the season
  4. Higher height. Chukka boots are good for winter, as well, but generally, higher is better

Here are my picks from different price ranges:


1. Meermin 101478, 220 €


2. Loake Hyde, 299 €


3. Alfred Sargent Hannover, 491 €


4. Crockett Jones Coniston, 570 €



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