The Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic 36mm

Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic Black on the wrist

The Swedish Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic is a 36 mm multi-purpose watch that is suitable for both men and women.

After many years, the current trend in watches has turned smaller, with more and more manufacturers launching watch models that fit slimmer wrists. There is a general talk of so-called unisex models that are suitable for both men and women. Sjöö Sandström’s Royal Steel Classic, which has been available for many years in a restrained 36 mm size, is a perfect fit for this trend.

Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic

The Royal Steel Classic watches are available in three different sizes, of which the smallest 32mm models are quartz women’s watches. The 36 and 41 mm models, on the other hand, are based on an automatic mechanism, of which the smaller models are great unisex watches.

Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic 36mm wristshot

I have tested two Royal Steel Classic watches in different colors that are 36mm in size, although they are exactly the same except for the colors. It is a model with a champagne dial and a model with a black dial, the latter of which is the most versatile watch for everyday life in my own eyes, and also for formal wear with a leather strap. Strap changers will be delighted to learn that the lug width is a standard 20 millimeters.

The Royal Steel Classic represents Sjöö Sandström’s distinctive design, which draws attention to the three rings rising between the watch case and the sapphire crystal. According to Sjöö Sandström, these rings represent Stockholm, Sweden and the world.

Royal Steel Classic 36 side profile.

Royal Steel Classic relies on the automatic movement of the Swiss Sellita, which Sjöö Sandström has slightly modified to suit its own purposes, while giving the movement its own SS G7 name. The concrete change in the modification of the movement is reflected in the fact that the crown has been positioned at two o’clock. The operation of the movement can be examined through a sapphire crystal. The watch is promised a water resistance of 100 meters which is enough for everyday use.

Royal Steel Classic caseback and movement.

The unlocking mechanism of the steel bracelet can be found below the logo.
The unlocking mechanism of the steel bracelet can be found below the logo.

The steel bracelet that comes with the watch is of good quality and stylish, to which the polished middle pieces bring impression in a suitable way. The butterfly-shaped clasp on the steel bracelet is hidden under the bracelet, the opening of which can be found at the beautiful Sjöö Sandström logo. Opening the bracelet requires a little force, so it does not open accidentally.

Price and warranty

Sjöö Sandström watches have a two-year international warranty, which can be extended to three years through the manufacturer’s website. The recommended price of the Royal Steel Classic model with steel bracelet is 1,960 euros. The watch was sent for review by Salkari, Sjöö Sandström’s Finnish distributor.


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