The headline may sound surreal at first. How is peat related to a whisky, that comes from a region known for its orchard-like taste profile? Wasn’t peat the thing in Islay whiskies? These days that is mostly true, as Speyside whiskies are known for being light, fruity sweet and honey-like. The classic Speyside whisky is, however, robust and peaty. Its characteristics have changed over time and nowadays peat+Speyside is rare combination to find.

The Glenlivet’s newest Nàdurra is first aged in ex-bourbon barrels and then transferred to casks, which have previously held peated scotch whisky. This way the whisky has gained its peaty characteristics. The Nàdurra peated is by no means a typical Islay smokebomb but a refined combination of typical Speyside characteristics and peat. The sweet, fruity and honey-like characteristics of The Glenlivet are strongly in the core of the Nàdurra peated.

This third and latest release in the Nàdurra range (the previous two are the Nàdurra Oloroso and First Fill) has been transferred straight from barrels to bottles like the other whiskies in the range. The latest cask strength batch PW0715 is 61.5 ABV so a drop or two of water in the glass may be a well desired addition. A Travel Retail version of the Nàdurra peated does exist, however as I’m writing this, I currently have no further information on its availability. The TR version comes in a 1 liter bottle and is bottled at 48 ABV like the other Nàdurras.

All in all the new, young NAS-Nàdurra is a positive experience. When made well, the lightly peated Speyside whiskies combine the characteristics of the different regions of Speyside and Islay in a fantastic way. If anything, it’s this that intrigues a devoted fan of both Speyside and Islay. The Nàdurra peated is in elementary-school age, which can slightly be both smelled and tasted in the whisky. I feel this has to be consider as a characteristic of the product, while keeping in mind what is actually at the heart: a honey-peat-fruitbombextravaganza.

Peat, sweet fruits, honey, a little raw.

Peat, citrus, sweetness hits quite fast after initial citrus notes, slightly young, wild and restless. A slightly complex composure.

Dry and oaky, bittersweet, warm. Quite short but dryness lingers.

Suitable for beginners?
If this is amongst your first drams, I wouldn’t start with this. Cask strength, slightly young and and slightly complex.

Suitable for the enthusiasts?
I would give this a shot!

Bottle size:
0,70 liter in domestic markets, 1 liter in Travel Retail

61.5 % (batch PW0715) for the domestic market bottles, 48 % for Travel Retail.

Where can I get it?
A globetrotter will find one. Several online stores carry it.


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