Review: H&M Selvedge jeans


As I noticed a while ago, H&M has added genuine selvedge jeans to its collections. I decided to order a pair to get some first hand information about their quality, fit and craftsmanship.

The first impression is rather convincing. The denim is very tough, but as with all selvedge denim, it shall soften in a few weeks of use. Craftsmanship was definitely up the par with the nice price of 50 €. Seams are straight and there are no loose threads anywhere.


Fitwise, I tend to prefer a rather slim fit and, overall, I’m partial to a form-fitting look. I have owned a couple of pairs of H&M seams with, reportedly, a Slim, low waist fit, and sadly, the rise of the jeans has been a bit too low for me. I decided take the pair of selvedge jeans in one size smaller than I usually do (31″ waist, while I usually have used 32″) to anticipate the expected stretch of raw denim. As a result, the fit is rather perfect for me, with a proper rise and comfortably slim trouserlegs. The best thing with selvedge denim is that even if the fit is great now, the pair shall adapt to my legs, resulting to an even better fit and look.


The jeans were sporting interesting details. Front coin pocket has a selvedge seam, which is kind of a funny detail in these otherwise very plain pair of jeans. Also, the label is made from indigo dyed, almost black suede. These details subtly set the pair apart from other H&M jeans.


During the first day of use, I noticed that the denim of these trousers is really tough in the beginning, making the break-in period longer than I originally expected. However, I believe that they shall soften in a couple of weeks just nicely. It seems that with these jeans one might get more than he’s paying for.

The fit, in pictures






  1. I just bought a pair of this too and I’ve been wearing it for a few days, it feels very very light compared to what I used to have (18oz. Momotaro). I look forward to it getting more character over time!

  2. The current trend towards very heavy denim is a bit interesting. True, heavy fabric feels substantial and so on, but it’s a rather modern development. For a comparison, heavyweight karate uniforms are generally made from 12-16oz. fabrics and they’re really quite heavy. The original pair of Levi Strauss jeans was made from 10oz. fabric (I think I recall this correctly) and riveted to give the pair some extra strength. When talking about workwear, I’d say 10-12oz. would be a sweet spot – already very sturdy, but still maintaining the abilities of work trousers (durable, not overly hot, taking the shape of body etc.). The heavy weight also may cause the fabric to be _less_ durable, because the weave is often very rough in heavy fabrics, making it more prominent and less abrasion resistant. If the fabric is made from cotton, a tightly woven, as-flat-as-possible fabric is usually most abrasion resistant (essentially, a thick, smooth gabardine is one of the toughest variations of cotton).

    However, I think that H&M jeans are definitely heavy enough for the daily use. And, as always, it’s nice to have options. Personally, this post by Markus actually made me think that I possibly should add a pair of jeans to my wardrobe, as, currently, I don’t own any.

  3. I love this pair! I got one two years ago and looking for a new pair. Any idea where to find them? H&M is sort out of stock on these.


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