Day three

Perhaps due to the evening at Gilli, Thursday opened slightly less crowded. Apparently, some of the buyers had left right after completing their business in Wednesday. However, booths were still busy and peacocks were plucking their feathers. An uncharacteristically cool Tuscan weather of earlier days (only 25-27 degrees Celsius) had changed to a more characteristic 30+, which added its unique flavor to the slightly long-ish evening a day before. Lots of interesting streetwear was seen during this third day of Pitti.









The Thursday evening is generally seen as the official “closing party” of Pitti Uomo. Due to that, everyone seems to be gathering together, first to their own, smaller groups and then to one great mass in our favourite watering hole. That, naturally, happened again. Emotional meetings took place and countless business cards and social media friendships were shared, bringing everyone a step closer to each other.

Especially interesting topic of evening was the amount of clothing nerdery. The discussions went deep beyond the limits of styles and fashion, down to the ways of stitching, weaving and otherwisely creating clothing. One specific thing arose in more than one conversation – the saying about the “good old days” is rather hollow when it comes to clothing and, especially, cloth. The modern possibilities of fabric weaving creates cloth that is superior to anything in the history. The fibers are finer, the weaving is more controlled and the possibilities are endless. From delicate weaves to heavy, sturdy fabrics the cloth is nowadays better.

Text: Jussi Häkkinen, Anu Rautalin
Photo: Anu Rautalin


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