From the beginning, it was clear that the second day of Pitti Uomo 90 would definitely be more crowded than the first day. It was also clear that the peacocks were out again and the yesterday’s rather tame looks had been turned to eleven.




However, the previous signs still applied: Brown is in, trousers and jackets are looser and longer and there are heaps of checked patterns. As image tends to tell more than thousand words and all the guides tell us to “show, not tell”, we’ll do just that now.



DSC_0352 DSC_0370


And here’s Yours Truly explaining Mr. Simonen the basics of world dominance:


When the Pitti proper closed its doors, it was time for parties and trunkshows. First, we headed to the trunkshow of EFV and Tom Miler, up-and-coming brands from Sweden and Poland, respectively. They share the similar day-to-day usable, no-nonsense approach and the goods presented were something that everyone can use. Beautiful, sturdy materials, interesting textures and nice craftsmanship were apparent. And, of course, the group of friends and acquintances was definitely fun to be around with.




From EFV/Miler we headed to Simon Crompton’s Young Tailors Symposium. Mr. Crompton, famous from his Permanent Style -blog, had gathered young tailors from all around the globe to discuss tailoring, their roots and everything about the trade. The ideas and approaches were interesting and insightful.


After symposium it was time for some R&R. Leaving the symposium with the guys of the World of Shoes website, we decided to head to search their fellow countrymen. Eton, a classic Swedish shirtmaker, had a party in the rooftop of the Weston Excelsior hotel. The view from the balcony was breathtaking, covering all Florence in one eyeful. Unwinding was finally complete.


The last evening event was Ignatious Joseph’s legendary gathering. The host presented his new collection of shirts and accessories (featured soon in Stylefellow) in his incredibly beautiful, centrally placed apartment. The crowd was international and covered all the Pitti Uomo groups – buyers, sellers, bloggers, icons, peacocks and style aficionados. Discussions covered menswear, style and even politics – in a friendly manner, of course.


And again, Gilli happened. Our happy group of Finns, Swedes, Americans and Polishmen joined the crowd, discussing work and leisure, creating relationships and, well, consuming the best of local bartendery.

Text: Jussi Häkkinen, Anu Rautalin
Photo: Anu Rautalin, Milla Vilska


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