Pitti Uomo isn’t easy for the gear. Due to the duration of the fair – which is approximately one full week, especially if you don’t take the quickest fly in – fly out -approach, the weight and space limitations of your luggage are a serious matter. This rates the heavy equipment out straight away. The office space is an another concern, as the reports are often written mid-lunch or during a short break in a restaurant or a cafeteria. Deskspace simply isn’t available.

When it comes to photography, the situation isn’t much better. Of course, some of the photos are taken with a nice DSLR, but if your smartphone packs a good camera, it definitely helps. Due to the sheer scale of Pitti Uomo, the situations change fast and, occasionally, lightness and speed of a camera phone trumps the quality of DSLR.

While the performance of the gear is important, it is equally important to actually be able to carry it around Florence. A roomy, sturdy bag is a must-have, but the same things – packability and lightness – do apply.

Our Pitti Uomo staff was armed for the week in Pitti Uomo 90 in collaboration with Acer, Huawei and Mukama webshop. After careful consideration, we decided to use the ultraportable Acer Aspire S13 as our on-the-road workstation. The selection of the smartphone was a no-brainer – the dual lens camera of Huawei P9 was shoulders above to any other model, especially for our use. Mukama, the Finnish web-shop, provided us with a tote bag from a brand previously unknown to us – Qwstion.

Acer Aspire S13

Based on our previous experiences with Acer Aspire V13, we didn’t hesitate to choose S13 as our computer. The superslim, ultraportable S13 packs some serious power to its slender frame. The screen is very good for a laptop, being well suited for photo editing – and merciful for the eyes during long writing sessions in variable lighting conditions. As a nice bonus, the computer looks good – a definite plus in a world class style event.

pitti wall laptop

As much of the work is done on small tables and cramped conditions, the computer cannot be placed straight ahead the user every time. In this, the excellent sharpness and wide viewing angles are a necessity. The keyboard is decently sized, especially for an ultraportable, and has a pleasant touch. The memory card reader makes photo editing a breeze – you don’t need to carry clumsy cables around. An only negative feature is the separate cover of the said reader, which might be easily lost in less-than-perfect travel conditions.

working in cafe acer

As a verdict, Acer Aspire S13 is a functional ultraportable computer for a travelling professional.

Huawei P9

Being a new phone brand for our Pitti Uomo crew, Huawei was a great new acquaintance. Thanks to the almost baseline Android OS, the usability was smooth and unsurprising, which, when talking about telephones, is a solely positive adjective.
The strongest “reason why” for acquiring Huawei P9 is the remarkable dual-lens camera, which was developed in a collaboration with an iconic camera brand, Leica. The camera showed its impressive quality in several occasions, being especially outstanding in difficult situations. The photo quality is among the definite best of all camera phones, showing its true strengths in dim-lit arenas.
The display of the phone is a clear, bright Full HD screen, which, despite lacking the pixel density of some very high-end camera phones, does its work in real life situations perfectly.

Pitti Uomo totebag

When it comes to battery life, P9 exceeded our expectations in both data transfer and phonecall purposes. While listening to music during the flights is usually a major culprit for diminishing battery levels, Huawei performed admirably. As a common feature for almost all phones, the included headset should be replaced with a high quality one right away, if there is any plans to use the phone to listen the music.

The design of Huawei P9 is clean and stylish with an easy usability.

acer cafeteria

Due to its excellent price-to-quality value and good attributes, Huawei P9 can be warmly recommended for anyone searching for a smartphone that punches over its price.

Qwstion tote bag

Qwstion – represented by a Finnish Mukama web-shop – designs bags with an urban life in mind. For our use, the classic, simple tote bag was a best choice. As an interesting design feature, the tote bag could be converted to an impromptu rucksack, making it a noteworthy companion for cyclists.

pitti uomo accessory

The bag is constructed from a sturdy, heavy-duty cotton canvas. The bag holds its shape even when fully packed.
As an overall notion, the bag can be best described as a “casual” in style, gaining comments about its excellent suitability for beach and holiday use.

pitti wall tote

The Qwstion tote bag is comfortably roomy. Aside the large main compartment, the inside sports a large side pocket and a zipper closed small pocket for assorted small items and valuables. The laptop computer, a camera and other city paraphernalia are easily accommodated, leaving still room for some serious shopping.
The rather unusual convertible strap system works well in use and won’t require any extra time to get used to.

pitti uomo laptop

The Qwstion tote bag is a great companion for urban life, suiting best for relaxed everyday style.

Text, images: Jussi Häkkinen, Anu Rautalin


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