Day 4 – Friday

On day 4, Pitti Uomo concentrates mainly on business and the attendance is seriously lower than during the earlier days. Some buyers obviously aim to avoid the crowds, making their purchases during the last day. As our crew wore “double hats” as both press and buyers in Pitti Uomo, we headed to the booths and discussed about products to offer to our clients.

In the courtyard, pace was, as mentioned, more relaxed and calm. However, some interesting things appeared. Also, more casual outfits could be seen.

Pitti90 day4 yellow suit Pitti90 day4 pink Pitti90 day4 jackets pitti90 day4 hat Pitti90 day4 denim Pitti90 day4 beard Piti90 day4 photographer

Pitti90 day4 Qwstion

After taking some photographs, it was time for us to head to Mr. Mario Bemer’s atelier where we were invited earlier in the week by Mr. Nicola Sacchetti. We had a lengthy discussion about handmade shoes with Mr. Sacchetti and had a privilege to see Mr. Bemer clicking a pair of shoes from the finest calf leather we’ve ever had a pleasure to see.

Mr. Bemer, creating his shoes from locally sourced materials as much as possible – down to the silver buckles of his double monkstrap shoes – is a true master artisan, continuing his brother’s work in creation of Florence’s finest footwear. We shall cover this visit in Stylefellow later, showing what sets a masterfully created shoe apart from a fine shoe and to open the almost endless possibilities when working with a master artisan.

Mario bemer Calf

During our visit to Oltrarno, we stopped to café to quickly write down what we had seen and experienced.
Pitti 90 acer huawei banneri

Stylefellow wishes to thank Acer, Qvistion, Mukama and Huawei for helping us to document Pitti Uomo 90. We’ll review the Pitti-gear in a dedicated article soon!

Text: Jussi Häkkinen, Anu Rautalin
Photo: Anu Rautalin


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