Experiencing Pitti Uomo to unfold is an interesting task. Countless depature photos from all over the world, with an ubiquitous glass of champagne, quickly changing to negronis upon arrival to Florence. Some sneak peek “wait for this” -style images, even some full still lifes. Joyous Florence updates from those who got there first. Throwbacks. General excited anticipation.

It would be easy to be cynical and put all this down, shake Pitti off as just a typical industry fair. However, there’s little fun in cynicism – and, besides, that wouldn’t be true, as one thing is clear: Pitti is, aside a powerful commercial event, a massive gathering of like-minded people. “Best party in the year – twice!”, as someone put it in Gilli last January. Whatever it is, Pitti Uomo is a brotherhood of sorts. Geekery, alongside style. Love to clothing. Enjoying life, even luxury, even though your company would be a small startup. A week of bliss for every attendant.

What shall we see, feel and enjoy this time? The 90’th time?

First day – the trends unwrap

It is somehow funny how, instantly upon arrival, the trends of the year (next year in retail) unwrap. Last year the trend was in solid, clean colours. This time the checked fabrics and the summer favourite of old, solaro fabric, made a strong comeback. Colours are lightly mottled and easy to combine, with a somewhat clear preference to brown hues.





Of course, the peacocks are still here, but the wildest styles have became…well, aged. It’s now a rare occasion to see well executed full-on peacock style. Even the king peacocks have toned their game down, into more classic ensembles.

The trouser style keeps going towards classic styles, although the drainpipe trend is still hard to wash out. However, the trousers will widen and relax, waist will rise to the natural waist and, overall, more comfortable styles shall become available in the market. #lahjepropaganda is winning.

Text: Jussi Häkkinen, Anu Rautalin
Images: Anu Rautalin


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