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The Baume & Mercier Classima 10484

Baume & Mercier, a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches from the Richemont Group, has a good balance between quality and price. Next, I present one of the most exciting novelty of last year, the Baume & Mercier Classima 10484 complete calendar watch.

Baume & Mercier Classima 10484 – Chronograph Complete Calendar

Blue-dialed and proportional to its functions, exactly 42 millimeters, the Classima 10484 sparked my interest fresh from early summer, when Baume & Mercier introduced this watch as part of its three models in its Classima collection. In addition to the Chronograph Complete Calendar, the manufacturer introduced Dual Time and Small Seconds – all in steel and leather bracelet versions.

A stylish dress chronograph - Baume & Mercier Classima 10484
A stylish dress chronograph – Baume & Mercier Classima 10484

There were three reasons for my interest; firstly, the number of complications, secondly, the size of the watch and the successful design of the watch face, how the complications were implanted, and third, a very reasonable price tag for the functions.

Complications and their usability

The biggest reason for my interest was the numerous calendar complications of the watch , which are basically only two steps up; annual calendar and perpetual calendar, the latter of which can also be found in Baume & Mercier’s selections as the Baumatic gold cased models – with a price tag of around EUR 24,000.

A typical mortal wristwatch with complete calendar features is affordable in terms of price and availability, as we are talking a bit about complications, starting with a few thousand euros upwards, depending on the manufacturer. For Baume & Mercier, this price / quality ratio is perhaps the best we can get at least in Europe.

The Baume & Mercier Classima 10484

The complications of Classima 10484 are comprehensive; month, day of week, date, lunar month, chronograph and 24-hour display. This brings us to perhaps the most challenging feature of the complication watch, which is how to accurately adjust all of the above functions except the stopwatch. And how they are kept right. Fortunately, Baume & Mercier has made this quite easy for its user.

The difference between complete calendar and cnnual calendar comes from the fact that where the annual calendar only needs to be targeted once a year at the end of February, the complete calendar must be targeted in those months, at least for a date that is less than 31 days long. Perpetual calendar is the most complicated watch against this light because it “remembers” months of different lengths, including leap years, so that the day of the week and the date are always in sync.

The Baume & Mercier Classima 10484

Except for the day of the week, the various functions of the watch are controlled by the crown in its various positions. These functionalities include, in addition to the time shift, the pointer of the date on the bezel, which is also “rotated” to control the change of month. Similarly, the lunar cycle is controlled by the pusher. To move the day of the week, the watch has a small pusher at 10 o’clock, which is accompanied by a small tool.

The Baume & Mercier Classima 10484

Functional segregation is made with the intention of avoiding unnecessary adjustment of the date at the turn of the month. For February or any other month less than 31 days, just a quick diary transfer will suffice. Or, if the watch has stopped, you do not need to adjust it by turning the watch hands in the traditional way – unless the watch has stopped recently, which is obviously the easiest way.

The biggest trouble with getting a stopped watch at the right time is actually adjusting the lunar cycle, which is not difficult either, as long as you know where the moon is.

The Baume & Mercier Classima 10484

One thing worth noting about the feel of the crown is the rather rough feel of the watch, which is significantly different from the silky-smooth feel of the manufacturer’s Baumatic. This is a familiar thing to those who have used the Valjoux movement, but if you find a Baume & Mercier powered by Baumatic in your watch box, you will clearly notice the difference.

Watch design

The watch has a size of 42 millimeters and a thickness of 13.25 millimeters, which is not the smallest of the smallest, but relatively compact in size with the features packed into the used movement (Valjoux 7751).

Despite the number of functions, the watch face of the Classima 10484 and its 10485 steel bracelet sibling is not confusing as it combines a number of functionalities with small auxiliary displays, such as the day of the week, months and a 30-minute chronograph.

The watch face has a beautiful and balanced look to my eyes, which has been brought to life by various patterns. In the middle of the dial is a beautiful Barleycorn motif, which is familiar to many Longines watches. My only complaint about the dial is the rhodium plated dials, which in certain lighting conditions are not optimal for reading the time.

In terms of style

If we focus purely on the style of the watch, things are fine. The size and design of the watch make it easy to fit on most wrists, and it also slides under the collar sleeve. Elegance for the watch comes with a high quality black alligator bracelet with a high quality polished butterfly clasp.

The Baume & Mercier Classima 10484 The Baume & Mercier Classima 10484

The sportiness of the watch, in turn, extends its purpose to more casual business casual wear, making the Classima 10484 a great casual watch for both business and leisure wear. This also reflects the typical user of Baume & Mercier.


Regardless of the collection, Baume & Mercier offers stylish wristwatches in the price range of 1-5 thousand euros, and the Classima 10484 presented today is no exception. The manufacturer’s positioning on Richemont’s entry level is well-considered and fits well with most consumer wallets.

The Baume & Mercier Classima 10484

In a Nutshell

  • Manufacturer: Baume & Mercier
  • Model: Classima 10484
  • Movement: Valjoux 7751 automatic
  • RPM: 4 Hz (28,800 A / h)
  • Power reserve: 48 hours
  • Watch case: stainless steel
  • Diameter without crown: 42 mm
  • Thickness: 13.25 mm
  • Glass: Sapphire
  • Water resistanve: 50 m
  • Lug width: 22 mm
  • Bracelet: Black alligator leather with butterfly clasp
  • Price: 4,300 euros

Introducing: The Longines Heritage Classic

Longines, a traditional Swiss watch manufacturer, has introduced a delicious novelty to its Heritage range, which at the time of its release created a positive discussion among the watch journalists present at its headquarters in Saint-Imier.

Longines Heritage Classic

The Longines Heritage Classic is available in two different versions that differ in the strap. This time, however, the seemingly small difference is larger, as the blue nubuck strap makes the watch much more relaxed, while the black leather strap makes the watch a notch or two more formal. The difference created by the straps is easily perceived live, which means only good for the watch owner – the style of the watch is easy to change with the straps.

The new Heritage Classic is a classically beautiful watch, based on a model from Longines’ rich catalog on the pages of 1934, pictured below. The size of the watch is 38.5mm in size, and the history is also respected with the ETA-based L893.5 movement designed for the needs of the Heritage line, which gives the watch 64 hours of power reserve.

Original model from 1934

To my taste, the Longines Heritage Classic fits nicely in what is sometimes a bit of a cliché-like description, “classically stylish.” In addition to the size of the watch, I justify this with a vintage-inspired design that deserves special mention for its beautifully executed silver sector dial with Roman printed indexes.

The blue indexes and the small seconds are in their original pattern, as is the fact that there are no date window on the watch. The concession to the present day is made not only with an automatic movement (the 1934 model had a manually winded movement) but also with a glass which is anti-reflective sapphire on the inside.

The Heritage Classic is pure and simple. It fits perfectly on the wrist due to its design and the toffemic softness of the leather strap. Likewise, the feel of the crown is immaculate, since it is not needed to set the time other than to adjust the pull spring.


The Longines Heritage Classic is a great addition to the ever-expanding Heritage line, which at the same time demonstrates the rich product history of Longines. It has also been gratifying to note that the manufacturer has struck a better balance between modern and traditional models. In style, the Heritage Classic is a versatile watch for everyday and celebration purposes.

In a Nutshell

  • Model Number: L2.828.4.73.0 / L2.828.4.73.2
  • MovementL893.5 (ETA A31.501) automatic
  • RPM: 25,200
  • Power reserve: 64 hours
  • Watch case: stainless steel
  • Diameter without crown: 38.5 mm
  • Case thickness: 12.1 mm
  • Glass: sapphire (anti-reflective inside)
  • Water resistance: 30 m (3 bar)
  • Lug width: 19 mm
  • Wristband: leather strap
  • Price: 2,090 €

The Nitrogen III Limited watch from the Finnish microbrand Pook Watches

Finnish microbrand Pook Watches is based in North Karelia, inspired by diving and Nordic nature. Combining shimmering colors and timeless design, Pook has been offering watch lovers since 2016 with reasonably priced wrist watches.

Pook clearly doesn’t want to blend into the gray mass, but stands out in the watches with their personal design, storyline and quality materials. Among the dive watches that fit the background of the brand’s story are the wild-fashioned Nitrogen collection, which exudes a vintage spirit and sportiness.

Pook Nitrogen III Limited
Pook Nitrogen III Limited

Pook Nitrogen III Limited

The third model of the Nitrogen series is manufactured in batches of 100 units. In addition, Nitrogen I and II are available in a variety of color variants, with steel casing, with watch face and bracelet colors.

Pook Nitrogen III Limited – Dive into Details

The black casing 316L stainless steel is PVD coated (Physical Vapor Deposition), which not only enables black color, but also improves the abrasion resistance of the steel. The same plating method is widely used on watches worth several thousand euros, so it has proved to be an excellent choice for heavy use.

Nitrogen is a fairly modest size of 42 millimeters, which is a safe choice for a sporty chronograph. It sits well on my own 17.5 cm wrist. The watch comes with two straps, a nato strap and a rubber strap. Of these, the nato strap is a more pleasant acquaintance on the wrist, because the rubber strap feels too hard for my taste.

Nitrogen’s promised 100-meter waterproofness allows you to use the watch with care in everyday life and on the water. Often, low-priced watches neglect either waterproofing or material resistance, which Pook has successfully overcome. What better way to honor the demands of a brand-related adventurer?

Pook Nitrogen III Limited Pook Nitrogen III Limited

The yellow leather nato strap is very soft and comfortable. In color it creates a contrast to the black case, which is sure to stand out. A leather nato strap may suffer from constant exposure to water, so if you are going to swim with your watch, you may want to buy nylon nato strap as a friend. In this case you will find straps that are suitable for a width of 22 millimeters.

Pook Nitrogen III Limited

Pook Nitrogen III Limited

Nitrogen is also a great wristwatch in the sense that it has a wide variety of straps. Colors such as gray, orange and snow-green yellow on the watch face of the Nitrogen III are a sure choice for straps – always in addition to classic black. These make your watch a truly versatile watch for everyday life and hobbies.

The technical specs are fine

The Seiko VK 64 quartz movement offers a stopwatch, diary and 24h display. A screw-locking crown improves water tightness. Inspired by the 1970s, the design language is fast-paced but easy to read. The watch gives you a quick view of the time and the lume is moderate.

Pook Nitrogen III Limited Pook Nitrogen III Limited

Pook Nitrogen’s slightly domed glass is made of sapphire and has anti-reflection protection, which is not self-evident in this price range. Specifically, reflection protection is manifested to the user in the form of a beautiful blue pearl on the watch face, which is technically due to the filtering effect of other colors in the color spectrum.

I think I could have chosen an even more domed glass to add to the retro spirit of the watch, because I really liked the feel of the domed glass – so it could have been emphasized even more. Technically, there is nothing wrong with the watch, the materials and specs are in order. For these reasons, the price tag of € 249 is well aligned.

Pook Nitrogen III Limited Pook Nitrogen III Limited

A relaxed adventurer’s choice

The watch is clearly aimed at an adventurer who appreciates the sportiness of the watch and does not want to pay thousands of euros for a hard-wearing watch. That is why the Pook Nitrogen III is an interesting choice for watch enthusiasts who are looking for lower-priced options to expand the watch collection.

Pook Nitrogen III Pook Nitrogen III

In a Nutshell

  • Manufacturer: Pook Watches
  • Model: Nitrogen III Limited
  • Movement: Seiko VK 64 quartz
  • Case material: 316L stainless steel with PVD coating
  • Case diameter without crown: 42 mm
  • Glass: K1 anti-reflective sapphire glass
  • Water resistance: 100 m (10 bar)
  • Lug width: 22 mm
  • Bracelets: black rubber strap, yellow leather nato strap
  • Price: 249 €

Introducing the world traveler watch: Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive

The history of Citizen dates back to 1918, when the Shokosha Watch Research Institute was established on Japanese soil. Shokosha completed its first pocket watch in 1924 and was renamed Citizen. Six years later, the company decided to change its name to Citizen, and the following year introduced its first wristwatch.

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive

Citizen launched the first radio-controlled wristwatch in 1993, which set the correct time based on the signal transmitted by terrestrial radio transmitters. The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive, now featured, utilizes a signal from GPS satellites that automatically locates the time, day, and time zone, depending on your location. That’s why the watch is perfect for the active traveler who wants to leave it to the task of setting the time according to the destination.

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive

Like its predecessor in the 1990s, the Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive utilizes light energy to propel it and converts light from the watch face into a power source using a solar panel, which is stored in a mercury-free lithium-ion battery. The technology releases the watch from the batteries and saves them a great deal, as the Eco-Drive watches have a lifetime of up to 20 years. With a fully charged battery running up to two years, you don’t have to worry about running out of power during your trip – and getting more power from your desk lamp.


A fair-sized watch face gives you a glance at the date, day of the week, not just hours, minutes and seconds. In addition, when the function buttons are pressed, the watch displays the operating time, time zone, summer / winter time, and both Eco-Drive charging and satellite reception status. The watch automatically detects 40 time zones, but you can manually set the time zone, among other settings, using the pushers and crown.

Of course, satellite reception works best outdoors when you have an unobstructed view of the sky. Then it also runs much faster than, for example, indoors by a window. If desired, the function can be activated and the watch shows the reception success with the stopwatch. The watch is received at its fastest, under optimal conditions, within three seconds, making it the world’s fastest GPS receiver, according to the manufacturer. It takes at least 30 seconds to determine your location, or time zone.

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive

The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive always stays in the exact time when satellite reception is possible. If reception is prevented for any reason, the monthly resolution of the watch is +/- 5 seconds at normal operating temperature. The calendar is programmed taking into account leap days and years until the end of February until 2100.

In the winter time, it may come to mind for the inhabitants of the dark north: The timepiece works in the summer, of course, but how long and bleak in the winter? Since artificial light is also used as a light source, the watch charges regardless of the season and the appearance of the sun. However, charging is rarely needed as a fully charged watch will take up to 720 days, or about two years. To charge one day’s power, the watch needs three minutes in sunny weather, 25 minutes in cloudy weather, and 7.5 hours in normal indoor lighting.


The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive is a reasonably bulky watch, but its rounded contours and backside of the case make it fit surprisingly well on the wrist. The function buttons (or pushers) and crown are moderately sized and will not hit the palm of your hand in any situation. The case is 44 millimeters in diameter, 13 mm in thickness with the case back, and weighs 149 grams with bracelets, so there is size and weight but in a civilized package.

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive

The color of the case is a glossy black, which changes to a matte black on the bracelet and its brackets. This is a good choice from the manufacturer because it folds black nicely and makes the whole look more elegant.

The watch face is futuristic in appearance and the wavy patterns on the dark background live with the light and appear to be moving as the watch is turned. The green accent color on the dial, indexes and function buttons brightens up an otherwise quite dark-looking watch. If green does not happen to be a favorite color, a red accented version is also available.


The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive is perfect for the tech savvy or the careless. The functions of the watch perform their tasks mainly automatically so that the user does not have to worry about setting the time when moving from one time zone to another. The watch supports ecological thinking and does not burden its environment as a battery-less and light-gathering time display.

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive

In terms of style, Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive is at its best when it comes to casual wear, but it also lends itself to business casual styles. For all the more formal occasions, however, I recommend the Citizen’s highly popular NJ0100-38X.

In a Nutshell

  • Manufacturer: Citizen
  • Model: Satellite Wave GPS Eco-Drive
  • Reference: CC3075-80E
  • Movement: Eco-Drive / Solar
  • Operating Time: 720 days
  • Watch case: stainless steel
  • Diameter without crown: 44 mm
  • Glass: mineral glass
  • Water resistance: 100m / 10atm
  • Lug width: integrated
  • Wristband: black, stainless steel
  • Price: 899 €

Stylefellow will continue as Baselworld’s Press Partner in 2020


The world’s largest watch fair, Baselworld, will take place next year, from late spring, April 30 to May 5, 2020. The event has been undergoing a major upheaval and we have been following this change from the place of origin as an official press partner for the past two years. The work has been fruitful and Stylefellow has also been invited as a press partner for next year’s fair.

A great choice for an urban lifestyle – Bell & Ross BR 05 Black Steel

When you are looking for a watch for casual and formal style, there is many suitable options for that. If your preferred style is more or less business casual and you want to manage with one cool wristwatch, I can recommend you one of last year’s most discussed novelty, the Bell & Ross BR 05.

Stylish sports watch for business and leisure

I have used Black Steel model in a few months, during which the nature of the watch has become perfectly up. In my opinion, the term “urban lifestyle” used by the manufacturer aptly describes the style of the BR 05, as it sits well in different styles besides the wrist.

Particularly with the integrated steel bracelet, the possibilities of the BR 05 are almost limitless, as it is modest enough to be worn with the suit and, on the other hand, has enough edge for the more casual watch user.

Bell & Ross BR 05 Black Steel

The BR 05 is versatile in its watch dimensions (40mm diameter, 10.4mm thick), so it slides under the cuff of a tighter collar if needed. The watch’s comfort is complemented by a tapered bracelet and a well-faded lock.

To conclude, I would like to mention my insight as to why the collection was built with thought. As I pondered which model I wanted, I finally sailed between the two models. At the end of the line were silver gray and black models, which I ended up with in black. The reason was as simple as minute indexes on the watch face. The black dialed model is the easiest to read and at the same time the easiest to set accurately. It is also closest to Bell & Ross original DNA.

With this insight, I think I could get inside the heads of designers, because the core of Bell & Ross’ DNA is functionality, which is also a matter of being easy to read. While the BR 05’s Blue Steel and Gray Steel models are “more fashionable”, more trendy timepieces, the Black Steel model is “more practical” – and closest to the core of Bell & Ross.

Three different watch faces, three different watches.

The above does not mean that no model is better than each other, but that the collection has got depth and variation with seemingly small differences. When combined with a style change with a rubber strap, the Bell & Ross BR 05 range is more versatile than you might think. This if what is successful planning.

A few words from the new BR 05 collection

At first I have to say a little bit about BR 05 collection, which sparked a lively debate about originality. The design has the same “Gerald Genta” spirit as Audemars Piquet at Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Girard-Perregaux Laureato or Bvlgari Octo.

The design language certainly has the same features, but part of the reason for the discussion is purely the fact that there is very little supply in such a design field – especially in the price range that the BR 05 strikes as a million volts. It is, after all, its own product for a different target audience.

Bell & Ross is highly proficient in functional, purpose-designed pilot and dive watches. The design language of watches has been influenced by the instruments and instruments used in aircraft.

Bell & Ross BR 05
Bell & Ross BR 05 Black Steel

This is the cornerstone of Bell & Ross’s watch design, a circular dial in the center of a rounded square. This attention is very important to be aware of when looking at the new BR 05, as it repeats exactly the same design.

If at this point we return for a moment to the controversy that caused the debate, how many watches are square and how many watches are round? So, the watches have similarities, but each has its own appearance approach.

Bell & Ross BR 05 Black Steel

BR 05 integrated steel bracelet.

The trick of the Bell & Ross BR 05 lies in two aspects. The way the bracelet is integrated seamlessly out of the watch case so that the B&R’s distinctive square design as if fades away has taken a lot of design. This work has also been successful.

Bell & Ross BR 05

The BR 05 is an exciting combination of industrial design and elegant finishing, with a superbly combined satin sanded surface and polished chamfers, along with precisely symmetrical screws. At this point, I can reveal the secret of the symmetry of the bolts on the front, which is revealed by looking at the backside.

Bell & Ross BR 05 Black Steel

The screws are at the same position on both sides of the watch case, that is, they are opposite to each other and have enabled the screws to be tightened from the front to aesthetically perfect symmetry. At the same time, it is functionally resolved how the watch cases are tightly sealed to each other.

As far as technology is concerned, there are a couple of things to mention; powered by the workhorse Sellita SW-300, which is designed with an exceptionally stylish skeleton rotor. Although it is “just” a Sellita, the movement of the BR 05 – and the said rotor – is nice to look through sapphire glass. Another positive note worth mentioning is the precision of the crown, which is the spaciousness of the basic machines (such as Sellita and ETA) and the fluctuation of the minute hand when the crown is pressed down, in its absence. This indicates that the finishing has been refined by the manufacturer.

BR 05 movement is beautifully decorated.

The level and amount of finishing is fine for this price range clock, and various bevels and grindings have been spent an hour or so. The reason is clear, as the BR 05 watches are manufactured by Chanel-owned factory G&F Chatelain, which is also trusted by Richard Mille and MB&F.

In a Nutshell

  • Manufacturer: Bell & Ross
  • Model: BR 05 Black Steel
  • Reference: BR05A-BL-ST / SST
  • Movement: BR-CAL.321 (Sellita SW-300) Automatic
  • RPM: 28,800
  • Power Reserve: 42 hours
  • Watch case: stainless steel
  • Diameter without crown: 40 mm
  • Thickness: 10.4 mm
  • Glass: sapphire (anti-reflective)
  • Water resistance: 100 m (10 bar)
  • Lug width: integrated
  • Wristband: steel
  • Price: 4,700 €

Our vision: World’s most stylish watch media


Stylefellow is transforming to style based watch media with a slogan “Watches with elegance”. This means, that we are trying to find out how our reviewed watches and watch brands are full filling our readers style based needs.

“Our vision is to be the world’s most stylish watch media.”

That doesn’t mean that we don’t love horology, of course we love, but we love a little bit more style and elegance. So our way to bring something invaluable to watch lovers and enthusiasts is to focus on wristwatches as part of personal wardrobe.

Mr. Matti Airaksinen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Stylefellow.
Mr. Matti Airaksinen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Stylefellow.

Chopard – Luxury and Elegance

When one wishes for style, beauty and elegance in dressing, and in life in general, the Swiss brand Chopard is at the top of the list. It’s easy to understand why, as when one looks and feels the products for oneself, it becomes evident why elegance is the most fitting word to describe Chopard.

A Story Uniting Two Families

Chopard is a breath of fresh air amongst the hard world that is corporate business, as the company incorporates softer values, such as sustainability and ethical sourcing in its core. These could be called the company’s family values, and family is at the core of Chopard, which has remained independent and family owned through the decades.

The Chopard Dynasty 1860-1963

Chopard was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard (b. 1836) in his home village of Sonvilier, Switzerland. Originally Chopard focused on precise and decorative pocket watches, which were sought after throughout the societies of Europe. Some of the most renowned clients included the last Russian Czar, Nikolai II, who, just like others, appreciated Chopard’s ability to deliver on even the most exacting of requests.

Chopard workshop building in Sonvilier.
Chopard workshop building in Sonvilier.

After the death of founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1915, the mantle of the company passed to his son Paul-Louis and grandson Paul-André Chopard, under whose guidance the brand focused on creating pocket watches of unsurpassed precision and beautifully adorned ladies’ watches. The Art Deco style movement was cresting at the time, and aspects of the style are evident in Chopard’s products from this period, clearly demonstrating they had their finger on the pulse.

During Paul-Louis Chopard’s time, the factory moved twice, first in 1921 to the cradle of the Swiss watch industry, Chaux-de-Fonds and second in 1937 to Geneva, the capital of European watch design. The move to Geneva provided Chopard two distinct advantages, the first was the “Geneva Seal” – a high accolade in the industry; and the second was the increase in sales due to a more central location. It was easier to attract the international buyers in a city frequented by cosmopolites.

Three generations of the Chopard family. Right to left; Louis-Ulysse, his son Paul-Louis, whose son Paul-André is on the far left.
Three generations of the Chopard family. Right to left; Louis-Ulysse, his son Paul-Louis, whose son Paul-André is on the far left.

Chopard passed on to the third generation, Paul-André, during the Second World War in 1943. The period following the war was a difficult one for Chopard and others in the industry, as the reconstruction of Europe was focused primarily on basic infrastructure and less on luxury items. The decline drove Chopard into difficulties – ones which Paul-André, known more as a watchmaker than a businessman, was unable to repair. Since he had no heir to inherit the business, Paul-André decided to look for a new owner for the Chopard brand.

The Scheufele Dynasty 1963-

Who better to run a third-generation family owned company than the owner of another third-generation family run company? Add to this the German buyer company’s successful history in Art Deco -style jewellery and watches, and the deal struck in 1963 is one written in the heavens.

Founded in Pforzheim in 1904 by Karl Scheufele I, the watch and jewellery business had been passed down from father to son until Karl Scheufele III decided to secure his legacy by incorporating a Swiss brand, preferably from the watch capital, Geneva. He visited numerous factories, but it wasn’t until visiting Chopard that he felt he’d found what he was looking for. Paul-André Chopard likewise felt the right match had come along, and he sold the Chopard name and company to Scheufele.

Chopard Headquarters in Meyrin, Switzerland.
Chopard Headquarters in Meyrin, Switzerland.

In 1974 Chopard moved facilities to the municipality of Meyrin in the Canton of Geneva, where it still operates to this day. In 1976 Chopard released the first watch with what would become the brand’s trademark, a free moving diamond behind sapphire glass.

Fleurier facilities.

In the 1980’s Chopard began production of men’s’ sporting watches and women’s jewellery. Watch production was brought to a new level in 1996, when Chopard opened their own movement production facility in Fleurier, in the Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Prior to this, Chopard’s movements had been assembled from undisclosed parts from third parties.

Chopard Today

Chopard is known for their jewellery and watches, but they also offer the trappings of a lifestyle brand: sunglasses, pens, clutches and other accessories. Chopard is currently run by the fourth generation, Caroline Scheufele and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, with Caroline responsible for jewellery as well as High jewellery and Karl-Friedrich for watches.

Caroline Scheufele and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-presidents of Chopard.
Caroline Scheufele and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-presidents of Chopard.

The Finnish retailer for the Chopard brand for over two decades, Aseman Kello first took the brand on for the jewellery, as there was a distinct scarcity of luxury jewellery brands appropriate for the clientele. The Chopard line was first offered at the Helsinki Airport location of Aseman Kello, and later in central Helsinki as well.

Chopard has a distinct advantage, in that mechanical movements are preferred in watches.

Chopard’s watch concept, particularly in the women’s range, is based on the “Happy Diamonds” idea, known from jewellery, where freely moving diamonds and other precious stones are sandwiched between clear sapphire crystals. These Art Deco themed watches are a natural continuation to the Happy Diamonds jewellery range, which represent Chopard’s affordable luxury segment – jewellery that consumers can afford when desired.

Chopard Novelty 2019: Happy Sport Oval
Chopard Novelty 2019: Happy Sport Oval
Chopard L.U.C Flying T Twin 18-carat Ethically certified "Fairmined" rose gold
Chopard L.U.C Flying T Twin 18-carat Ethically certified “Fairmined” rose gold

The popularity of Chopard’s men’s watches is based around the aforementioned L.U.C. range, which use eponymous movements. These high quality in-house manufactured mechanical timepieces are produced in gold and steel cases. Those with a passion for horology will appreciate the Chopard tourbillon watches, with eight days of power reserve.

The more price conscious and sporty clientele have in turn fallen in love with pieces such as the racing chronographs produced together with Mille Miglia, that currently use movements from partners – although Chopard is moving toward self sufficiency in movements as well.

Chopard Mille Miglia 2019 Racing Edition
Chopard Mille Miglia 2019 Racing Edition
Happy Hearts Wings collection ring with one Happy Diamond.
Happy Hearts Wings collection ring with one Happy Diamond.

Chopard’s best known range in jewellery is the Happy Diamonds range, encompassing a regular production of rings, necklaces and pendants, earrings and bracelets. Chopard jewellery uses exclusively ethically sourced and refined raw materials. The same is true for Chopard timepieces. *

The other end of the spectrum in Chopard’s jewellery range is held by the Cannes awards jewellery, the Red Carpet unique pieces worn by world famous stars from the heights of fashion and the silver screen.

TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 09: Lady Gaga attends the “A Star Is Born” premiere during 2018 Toronto International Film Festival at Roy Thomson Hall on September 9, 2018 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

There is a quintessential Chopardness to Chopard jewellery, that sets them apart from all other jewellers’ pieces. This fact is important to wearers of Chopard, jewellery and watches alike, as they prefer to carry something of exceptional quality that they’re not likely to come across worn by someone else. Just as it is with formal wear. ?

Ethics at a Premium *

At the 2018 Baselworld watch and jewellery show, Chopard announced a shift to 100% ethically sourced gold in all their products by July the same year. The ethical sourcing of diamonds has been a topic of much discussion in recent years and most companies have matters in hand with regards to them, but Chopard is the first in the industry to bring these topics to the forefront of their message and has also committed to the UN’s Agenda2030 for Sustainable Development.

Chopard's Fairmined gold

Chopard feels that being ethical needs must apply to the whole chain of production, meaning fair play, decent working conditions and wages throughout. In this too, Chopard wants to be the torchbearer, on what they call “The Journey to Sustainable Luxury”.

Chopard Evokes Emotion

Seppo Kallioniemi of Aseman Kello says Chopard is a luxury brand that one has to fall in love with. The typical client is between 30-40 years old, a person who appreciated the highest quality and wants to truly stand out with their choices.

Chopard uses the highest quality diamonds in the industry.
Chopard uses the highest quality diamonds in the industry.

Seppo Kallioniemi has noticed that the zeal for Chopard often begins with a single Happy Diamonds piece, which is later complimented by a second and third piece. The other route into the world of Chopard is through a watch, later rounded out by jewellery or other accessories.

Chopard Happy Lady Bag
Chopard Happy Lady Bag

Family Values and Business Ethics Intertwined

As mentioned previously, Aseman Kello has worked as a retailer for Chopard for over twenty years. In addition to high quality and beautiful items, it was the family run aspect of Chopard that has made it such a close partner with Aseman Kello.

Chopard is an excellent example of a watch and jewellery maker that has a strong story and first rate products.
Chopard is an excellent example of a watch and jewellery maker that has a strong story and first rate products.

Raymond Weil’s Experience the Art of Watchmaking workshop was a great success

At the Experience of the Art of Watchmaking workshop, ten participants gathered to assemble Raymond Weil‘s mechanical wristwatch directed by Watch Service Finland’s watchmakers, Mr. Jouni Pöllänen and Mr. Antti Kuitto. The first workshop was held in Hyvinkää Villatehdas in Finland and at the end of the day, the participants had their own unique Raymond Weil wristwatches on their wrists  – wrapped with Raymond Weil’s full factory warranty.

During the day, participants learned a lot about how the wristwatches work mechanically and how accurate the assembly work is. Based on the comments of the participants, the appreciation for the work of the trained watchmaker was significantly increased.

The course was held for the first time in the world in Finland and in my opinion, Raymond Weil has in his hand a wonderful experience product that will surely awaken global interest.

Day in pictures

Workshop watches

Heritage and modernism unite in Alpina AlpinerX -smartwatch

The Alpina AlpinerX is a bit extraordinary smartwatch, because the traditional 135-year-old Alpina who created the watch has unexpectedly created the Kickstarter project of it. However, Alpina has made several collaborative projects during its history, such as the legendary Alpinists project in 1903, where a number of watchmakers and dealers gathered their expertise together to plan together the future Alpina watches. According to Alpina, Kickstarter is a modern version of the Alpinists project, in which the appearance and features of the watch are affected this time by the customers.


Alpina has always been highly appreciated among hikers, and for its features, the AlpinerX with MMT-283-1 quartz hybrid machinery has been designed to meet the needs of demanding hikers. AlpinerX has been loaded with a full range of features such as ambient monitoring with air pressure, UV and temperature sensors, as well as GPS and compass. AlpinerX also monitors its user by recording its activity and the quality of sleep. The Dynamic Coach coach analyzes the results and guides the user as needed.

AlpinerX always displays the correct time, world time, announces calls and messages, and saves data to the cloud service. AlpinerX will beat many competitors in the number of operations, and it will last up to two years, so with this watch you can go even further journeys. Of course, AlpinerX’s functions and the data it collects can be controlled by a cloud-based smartphone application that can, for example, brag about a friend’s latest tour of the mountain.

As a fun and useful detail, there is a compass function that allows the hands to merge into one piece, moving them like a traditional compass.


Alpina bravely call the AlpinerX watch “The world’s most beautiful outdoor smartwatch”. Well, of course it is a matter of taste and the clock is sporty stylish, but the most beautiful? AlpinerX is of a high quality smartwatch and features a lot of functionality but its design is still clear and simple. 3200 color options offered by the configurator give the customer the ability to distinguish from the mass. The choice of color will greatly affect its usability with non-outdoor clothing. With the right combination, for example, a black dial, a steel bezel, and a brown leather bracelet, you could go to cocktail party, but the watch is not right for more formal situations – and there’s really no need for that.

The 45mm diameter and 14mm thick shell is made of glass fiber and with a rubber strap, the AlpinerX is pleasantly lightweight. AlpinerX raises sporty smartwatch to a new level and in addition to numerous functions and performance, it also looks impressive.

AlpinerX:n Kickstart-kampanja on kerännyt tähän mennessä 1366 tukijaa ja yhteensä 738 496 CHF (noin 627 440 euroa) ja se on ylittänyt tavoitteensa moninkertaisesti. Early Bird-hinnalla kellon saa omaksi edullisimmillaan reilulla 430 eurolla, jota voidaan pitää ominaisuuksiin nähden kohtuullisena. Muutama kymppi lisää ja mukaan saa lisärannekkeen ja sen vaihtotyökalun.

The Kickstart campaign of AlpinerX has so far collected 1366 supporters and a total of 738,496 CHF (about 627,440 Euros) and has well exceeded its target. At the Early Bird price, the clock gets its most affordable price for just over 430 euros, which can be considered reasonable in terms of its features.