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The stylish man looks at the time from a watch, not his phone. You’ve heard it said, and it holds a lot of truth as peeking at your wrist is a lot less noticeable and, provided the wearer has chosen his timepiece to fit the situation, communicates for a fleeting moment of impeccable taste, even if his glance is noticed. All in all, a stylish watch is the cherry on the cake for the proper outfit.

Watches are easy to be infatuated by, and even fall in love with. It often happens, that after acquiring one’s first decent watch, an interest is sparked that leads at least to a small, and sometimes a rather sizeable collection of timepieces. In terms of dressing correctly, a small collection is actually called for, as different situations will demand a different style of watch. The breadth of any collection is largely down to the wearer’s needs and depth of personal interest in watches.

Balmuir Edward Watch Box for three watches. http://www.balmuir.com/index.php/shop/furniture-and-decoration/edward-3-watch-case-cognac.html
Balmuir Edward Watch Box for three watches


A good example of a small and smart watch collection contains a formal, day-to-day and casual watch.

New watches virtually always come in a box, one with a unique look as befits it’s manufacturer. When purchasing used watches, especially vintage ones, you probably won’t be getting a box, however. If you wish to display your watches with style, a watch case is a smart purchase.

The more stylish watch cases are usually crafted from wood and leather, and contain cushions to strap and display watches on. There are also motorized watch cases, designed to keep automatic watches constantly wound, but that it another matter entirely.

The Balmuir leather watch case

Since my own and my wife’s joint watch collection is mostly made up of vintage watches, it felt appropriate to select a watch case that had ageless style and was of an appropriate size. This way all our watches can be found in one location, which is handy as we both use some of them. This is actually a big part of the appeal of vintage watches, as the style and size works both for men and women. Because of the glass lid, the watch case also works as a display piece.


The answer to our wishes came from Finnish manufacturer, Balmuir. The 12 watch case is in itself quite massive (45cm wide, 34cm deep and 9.5cm tall) and weighs over a kilogram. This is a good indicator that the box is made of proper wood, not some cheap chipboard. The finish is a quality leather that has been carefully stitched.

A watch case, much like an expensive watch, sparks the desire to own it.



The watch compartments are lined with velvet, as are the cushions for the watches themselves. The cushions are a nice tight fit, so you can easily manipulate the watches into nice angles for viewing or display. For those with smaller wrists, the cushions might be a bit on the large side, but a quick bout with some needle and thread after pulling out some of the stuffing should do the trick.

The Balmuir watch case gives off a feeling of high quality.

The Balmuir watch case gives off a feeling of high quality. The case found its place in our house in the foyer by the walk-in-closet, which also works as a reading nook. The watches have found a housing that befits their quality and thanks to the case’s glass cover, can be viewed and admired while passing by. And best of all, the watches don’t gather dust!


Translated from the original Finnish by Jan Hoffman.

Matti Airaksinenhttp://stylefellow.com
Stylefellow's co-founder and publisher Matti is also a founder and editor-in-chief of Tyyliniekka which is the most popular menstyle and watch online magazine in Finland. Matti is also a serial entrepreneur and internationally awarded member and senator in Junior Chamber International.


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