Pitti Uomo brought again a plethora of styles in front of our camera. We’ve picked the interesting, creative and fun outfits for you to see and study. Maybe you’ll find ideas to enrichen your daily wear with these!

Flannels and tweeds are a classic choice for winter
Spanish tailoring fron Sastreria 91
Hats are a strong feature of every Pitti
Classic style and suits never go out of style. And they are not just for men.
One never goes wrong with classic blues and greys
Rus-in-urbe – white city trousers get contrast from brown tweed
Bold overcoats…
…and dandyish fur collars
Scarfs are an essential part of any winter wardrobe. Warmth and colour.
Colourful layering in urban style
Capes are still going strong. This one is a shorter version.
Muted tones with rural details
Creative use of “hobo style” is interesting and quirky
70’s influence shows – they seem to be ready for Club 54
Peacocking is also possible with a muted colour palette

Text: Jussi Häkkinen, Anu Rautalin
Photos: Anu Rautalin


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