More pictures from Pitti Uomo 90 day 1

pitti 90 day 1 efv
Mr and Mrs E-F-V, Sweden
pitti 90 day 1 color
Colourful young gentlemen
pitti 90 day 1 miler
Mr Tom Miler and his spouse
pitti 90 day 1 red
This was clearly a year for checkered patterns
pitti 90 day 1 shibumi
Shibumi Berlin knows that brown is the colour this year
pitti 90 day one selfie
Loafers in every shade are still very much in – and practical in Florentian heat
pitti90 day 1 suits
Peacocking still prevails, although slightly more subtly than previously
Pitti90 day 1 luca
Mr Luca Rubinacci in a very classic attire
pitti 90 day one charlie butler
More brown in town! Mr. Butler and Mr. Claymore from Styleforum
pitti 90 day 1 twins
Twins sporting a matching style
pitti 90 day 1 simone
Did we remember to tell you that brown is in this year? Mr Simone Righi from Frasi
pitti 90 day 1 rust
A beautiful shade of rust blazes in the sunshine
pitti 90 day 1 light brown
Checkered, classic, brown. This Polish gentleman gathers the shades and style of the year in one outfit
pitti 90 day 1 green
Green, too, was still a popular choicepitti 90 day 1 blue

Photos: Anu Rautalin


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