“No brown in town” – who wouldn’t have heard this age-old proverb. However, having a strong history both in and out the city limits, a brown suit is one of the most versatile pieces of functional wardrobe. Together with a blue blazer and light colored trousers they form the essential parts of a practical everyday menswear. Of course, as with every piece of clothing, the selection of material affects to the result. A sharp, brown silk-wool suit is a statement piece that leaves nothing to be questioned, whereas a relaxed, pleasantly crumbly linen shows the more playful side of its wearer.

BrownSuit003A brown suit can be worn as a casual everyday suit, being less stern than its navy and grey alternatives.

When it comes to combinations, a blue shirt is a classic pairing to a brown suit. A crisp white shirt with a black knit tie is an another foolproof option. Of course, for a trained eye, almost any colour works with any other, so why wouldn’t you try a purple-striped shirt, for example.

BrownSuit005Fashionable brown suit is a versatile piece, fitting well to a trendy youthful style. When the jacket is paired with jeans or chinos, a completely new outfit is created.

BrownSuit002A brown suit can make a very sharp business attire, especially during the warmer months. If the brown shoes are substituted with black ones, the suit extends its potential all the way to the boardroom.

BrownSuit009Wear it like a capo!

Text: Anu Rautalin and Jussi Häkkinen
Photo: Anu Rautalin and Jussi Häkkinen


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