Matching navy and khaki


The combination of navy and khaki is a fool proof choice for most of the informal or even semi-formal occasions. It is almost impossible to go wrong with this classical duo. Light sand and beige tones can always be matched with navy blue. You’ll notice this whenever leafing through menswear catalogs, as it is certain that you will always run into this combination, sooner or later. Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Brooks Brothers are examples of the brands that always have that classic combination on their collections.

In the picture below I am wearing one of my favorite outfits. The cable knit sweater adds a robust texture to the outfit and sleek chinos are neat enough to use at office or at the campus. A white t-shirt is a good choice to wear under the knit for a more relaxed look. However, on this time, I decided to use a light blue button down shirt from Herrainpukimo.

Pictures are taken in my backyard, where the architecture of older buildings of Helsinki give the pictures an atmospheric and rustic backround.

Chinos: Brothers
Cable knit sweater: Stockmann
Shirt: Herrainpukimo MTM
Sneakers: Converse 1970’s

Details: Something soft, something robust

Maybe a sharper shaving blade would be in order?





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