Norwegian KaffeBox was started when the founder Tyler Olson wanted to share coffees from Scandinavian top roasteries to his family and friends. Tyler didn’t want to limit this only to his acquaintances, so he decided to make the service available publicly. As a result, KaffeBox was born. KaffeBox was founded on February 2014 and now delivers coffee to 20 different countries, says Tyler.

I had heard rumors that KaffeBox delivers top-notch coffee.

The website states the same: Coffee is purchased from top roasteries and the selection includes, for example, The Coffee Collective, Koppi and Tim Wendelboe.

Both filter and espresso roasts are available. As a subscription, two 250 gram coffee bags per month costs 279 NOK, which is approximately 30 €, postage included. With subscription you get two different kind of coffees for tasting.

KaffeBox Nordic Roast Coffee Subscription focuses on best micro roasteries in Scandinavia.

The roasteries are dedicated to fair and open dialogue with coffee farmers and have their focus on really high quality in coffee.

KaffeBox quality coffee delivery

I received 2 x 250 g test delivery from Tyler. Both coffees were from Norwegian roastery Jacu, which was a new roastery for me. The first sample was Kenyan Ndocha – Coffee with apricot flavor. An another was Costa Rican Las Lajas. The latter happened to be one of the best coffees I’ve tasted this year and, believe me, I’ve been tasting a lot of different coffees!

Las Lajas is full of character. It has some raspberry candy notes and some interesting fruity notes that become clearer as the coffee cools down a bit. A top-notch cup, I must say!

The KaffeBox package included also a card with all the relevant specifications of the delivered coffees, as well as description of the roastery.

KaffeBox Nordic Roast Coffee Subscription is a perfect choice for anyone who would like to have the best coffee experiences Scandinavia has to offer. But beware: This experience can change the way you think about coffee.


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