The classic tailoring houses are often deeply anchored to their past.

While the history is a beautiful thing that adds to the story of almost any tailoring house, it occasionally binds the progress down, causing the house to live in its past and surpass the modern world – such as social media and the maintenance of a decent online store.

The Neapolitan institution, Rubinacci, creator of the now world renowned soft Neapolitan jacket, isn’t afraid of the world of today. Aside placing a vast array of their collection available via an international web-shop Mr. Porter, Rubinacci decided to revamp their own webshop completely. The new webshop is well usable, technically up-to-date and very attractive.


Emphasizing their artisanal approach, Rubinacci shows its clothing and accessories placed on handpainted sketches, achieving a result of easier shopping and more artistic style. The approach makes the shop especially pleasing even to surf, taking the online window-shopper into a Rubinacci realm of style.

The new Rubinacci webshop can be wholeheartedly recommended.

A hint for every gentleman: The beautiful Rubinacci scarves are a perfect gift for anyone.


Images: Rubinacci


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