Heritage and modernism unite in Alpina AlpinerX -smartwatch

The Alpina AlpinerX is a bit extraordinary smartwatch, because the traditional 135-year-old Alpina who created the watch has unexpectedly created the Kickstarter project of it. However, Alpina has made several collaborative projects during its history, such as the legendary Alpinists project in 1903, where a number of watchmakers and dealers gathered their expertise together to plan together the future Alpina watches. According to Alpina, Kickstarter is a modern version of the Alpinists project, in which the appearance and features of the watch are affected this time by the customers.


Alpina has always been highly appreciated among hikers, and for its features, the AlpinerX with MMT-283-1 quartz hybrid machinery has been designed to meet the needs of demanding hikers. AlpinerX has been loaded with a full range of features such as ambient monitoring with air pressure, UV and temperature sensors, as well as GPS and compass. AlpinerX also monitors its user by recording its activity and the quality of sleep. The Dynamic Coach coach analyzes the results and guides the user as needed.

AlpinerX always displays the correct time, world time, announces calls and messages, and saves data to the cloud service. AlpinerX will beat many competitors in the number of operations, and it will last up to two years, so with this watch you can go even further journeys. Of course, AlpinerX’s functions and the data it collects can be controlled by a cloud-based smartphone application that can, for example, brag about a friend’s latest tour of the mountain.

As a fun and useful detail, there is a compass function that allows the hands to merge into one piece, moving them like a traditional compass.


Alpina bravely call the AlpinerX watch “The world’s most beautiful outdoor smartwatch”. Well, of course it is a matter of taste and the clock is sporty stylish, but the most beautiful? AlpinerX is of a high quality smartwatch and features a lot of functionality but its design is still clear and simple. 3200 color options offered by the configurator give the customer the ability to distinguish from the mass. The choice of color will greatly affect its usability with non-outdoor clothing. With the right combination, for example, a black dial, a steel bezel, and a brown leather bracelet, you could go to cocktail party, but the watch is not right for more formal situations – and there’s really no need for that.

The 45mm diameter and 14mm thick shell is made of glass fiber and with a rubber strap, the AlpinerX is pleasantly lightweight. AlpinerX raises sporty smartwatch to a new level and in addition to numerous functions and performance, it also looks impressive.

AlpinerX:n Kickstart-kampanja on kerännyt tähän mennessä 1366 tukijaa ja yhteensä 738 496 CHF (noin 627 440 euroa) ja se on ylittänyt tavoitteensa moninkertaisesti. Early Bird-hinnalla kellon saa omaksi edullisimmillaan reilulla 430 eurolla, jota voidaan pitää ominaisuuksiin nähden kohtuullisena. Muutama kymppi lisää ja mukaan saa lisärannekkeen ja sen vaihtotyökalun.

The Kickstart campaign of AlpinerX has so far collected 1366 supporters and a total of 738,496 CHF (about 627,440 Euros) and has well exceeded its target. At the Early Bird price, the clock gets its most affordable price for just over 430 euros, which can be considered reasonable in terms of its features.


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