When I was visiting Paris last spring, I decided to purchase a pair of Converse sneakers. Ever since, they have been a go-to shoe in my wardrobe, gathering two or three days of use every week. I find them especially versatile to be worn with my more casual outfits.

As I stated in my first post, the definite pros of this pair of sneakers are:

  • Subtle branding. Easily recognizable without big logos
  • Not excessively sporty
  • Price. Although a special edition, price is still nicely under 100€
  • Versatility. The off-white color and a clean design makes these easy to pair with many outfits

Converse 1970sAfter three months of use, I can’t help but to recognize some cons, as well.

Problems with flat feet

I have a bit overpronated foot profile – also known as flat feet – which causes some problems with flat-soled shoes. The insoles of these shoes are akin pancakes – very flat. If you, like me, have flat feet, I recommend buying Soles of this shoe are flat as pancake, so if you have flat feet I would recommend you to buy some anatomic insoles with arch support. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any model to fit these sneakers, so I opted for flat leather insoles instead.

Fabric lining

The sneakers come with a fabric lining. I have noticed that it doesn’t have the same level of sweat absorption as the leather of my other shoes has. After spending a long day on you feet, you can hear a rather annoying squeeking sound from your feet. That’s simply caused by excess moisture from your feet. Of course, the same problem occurs with pretty much every sneakers, except the more expensive models with a proper leather lining. Sadly, leather lined sneakers tend to be quite a bit more expensive.

Fabric lining also has a problem with durability, causing the insides of heels to develop holes rather quickly. There’s now a little hole in the inside heel area pf my right foot shoe, caused by friction from socks and walking. Due to the rather short time of use – three months – I consider the liner as rather a weak one.

Here you can see how this pair has aged in three months.



Converse-1970-review-2There are some stains, which is unavoidable when it comes to white shoes. Despite the slight flaws, I still recommend this model for everyone interested in the classic sneakers.



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