Baselworld 2018: Frederique Constant HYBRID fuses the smartwatch functions with mechanical movement

Frederique Constant Hybrid Baselworld 2018Frederique Constant Hybrid Baselworld 2018

One of the Frederique Constant’s brand cornerstones is continuous innovations. The watchmaker has continued to add new movements to their collection every year since the beginning in 1988. This years innovation is a hybrid movement that integrates smartwatch functions with automatic mechanical movement.

Frederique Constant Hybrid Baselworld 2018

FC-750 movement is designed, manufactured, assembled and patented by Frederique Constantin. The movement combines in unprecedented way the analog movement with electronic smartwatch circuit board. The mechanical movement is for normal watch functions, as showing time and date. In addition the normal smartwatch functions, the electronic part will monitor the mechanical movement and give all the important information to the user via smartphone application. According to the manufacturer, the most challenging part of the development was deleting the negative magnetic effect, that normally disturbs the sensitive mechanical movement. This is solved thanks to highly skilled watchmakers and patented unique anti-magnetic shield case.

HYBRID smartwatch functions keep track of the users activities and sleep, and the sensors are monitoring also the mechanical calibers rate, amplitude and beat error. All collected data is transferred to the smartphone application and presented in user friendly way. With a push of the button, the hybrid watch’s upper small dial can indicate 24 hours display, world time, users activity and sleep quality, power reserve and it can be used for start/stop timing. Lower small dial is round date display operated by mechanical movement.

Frederique Constant Hybrid Baselworld 2018
Photo: Frederique Constant

Automatic movement offers standard 42 hours power reserve and the smart watch part needs to be charged approximately once a week. The box that comes with the watch has integrated winder and wireless charging functions. Wireless charger adapter is a smaller part, that can be detached from the relatively large box, so it’s much easier to carry while travelling.

Frederique Constant’s Hybrid -collection is designed mainly for men, but the elegant watch looks and fits nicely also to ladies wrist – I guess we could call this a unisex watch. The smartwatch functions is integrated seamslessly to Hybrid watch and the tech part does not really stand out from the mechanical part. 42 millimetres watch feels smaller than it is, thanks to the elegant design and it also suits perfectly to more formal occasions. The black alligator leather strap gives character and some vintage feel to the watch.

Price range for the Hybrid-collection is 3500 CHF.

Frederique Constant Hybrid Baselworld 2018
Frederique Constant Hybrid Baselworld 2018


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