When thinking about the everyday life, it seems to be full of things that can be done in two ways: Basic or stylish. Shaving, definitely, is one of these things, basic meaning the use of electric shaver or splashing the face with aerosol foam and then going to town with the newest multi-blade so called high tech razor. I have tried both.

I got my electric shaver as a gift from my wife (Thank you honey!), using it thereafter with great satisfaction for a couple of years. Its benefits are the speed and cleanliness. It’s an easy way to trim the beard and to achieve a shave nice enough for most daily purposes. However, after an year or so, I begun to notice irritation due to the heated blades, even after a quick shave. The result, albeit smooth, was overshadowed by rash that caused my skin to feel tender. The reason, probably was in a dull blade. As the set of spare blades is often rather pricey when it comes to electric shavers, I came into conclusion that there has to be a better way.

After pondering the options, I decided to purchase a newest multi-blade razor. The price tag wasn’t so bad, twenty-something euros. The razor sported a replaceable five-blade shaving head. I used the aerosol foam, from the same brand as the razor, as a shaving agent.

The shaving result improved a bit, as the irritation was gone. In regards to foam, I would rate it as “okay”. I had occasional problems with excess friction due to dryness. Nothing major.  And then came the day when I needed to purchase more blades…and the price of the set spare blades was more than the whole kit was worth. I suddenly understood the whole profit scheme of all the major razor brands. I have absolutely nothing against making money, but when it is my money, I want to use it in a more cost effective manner (however, I can’t help but to think about buying some of their stocks…).

About exactly an year ago I found that Herrainpukimo, which has my Royal Warrant of Appointment when it comes to MTM-shirts, also offers traditional shaving products, such as classic razors. As I consider myself as a guy who respects the fine traditions, like swiss watches and goodyear welted shoes, it was a rather logical step to order one and try it out. I also found out that price of spare blades was something about 20 cents each. That makes them a quite a bit more affortable than their high-tech modern counterparts.

I decided to order a Mühle R89 razor due to their recommendation of it being a good razor for beginners. The model has a so called “safety bar”, which offers some protection when compared to more aggressive “open comb” models. During the first shaves I was very careful, as I didn’t want any nicks or cuts on my skin. Luckily, there are several how-to videos available at Youtube that helped me to fine tune my shaving skills. After a few shaves I noticed that my technique was working fine. Shaving became a moment of relaxation in my rather hectic life of a style-addict. I don’t think that it is an exaggeration to say that shaving begun to feel more masculine experience than it used to be.

At this point I still used that aerosol foam which I had purchased with that Gillette razor. On its benefit I have to say that at least the can lasted long enough! Obviously, my next step was to get a shaving brush and a proper shaving soap. Earlier this week, my order from Herrainpukimo arrived, containing a boar-hair brush and a Proraso shaving soap with a mild scent of green tea.

My shaving routine has quickly become my personal relaxing moment, giving my a better sense of manliness. Believe it or not, the feel and result of shaving is way better than it used to be. The feeling of soft, smooth skin after each shave is truly fantastic! I recommend everyone to try classic shaving, as its one of the great joys of everyday life!

classic-shaving-kit-brushBoar hair shaving brush

classic-shaving-soap-prorasoFine Italian shaving soap by Proraso

Classic shaving razor: Muhle R89


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